Time Management Training

Time management training for peak performance.

This time management training program teaches attendees how to develop an action plan, focus on the important issues, prioritize tasks and maintain the discipline needed to complete them. The program provides practical techniques for identifying key time wasters, setting boundaries, handling interruptions and maximizing productivity. Participants will learn how to incorporate these techniques into their daily activities by setting goals, writing out objectives and developing a daily action plan that promotes focus, discipline and creativity. Make a plan for the day and stick with it. Move from spinning your wheels to taking action. Seminar Outline...

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Time Management Training for Leaders

This time management training program teaches managers and executives to use time to their advantage through efficient delegation with minimal supervision. Participants will learn to move away from destructive micromanaging and towards greater productivity, both personally and for their team. Leaders will learn how to maximize their available resources, set personal and team objectives and communicate a vision. Participants will realize that just because it may not be their way of doing things, it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way. Seminar Outline...

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Individual coaching is available to assess and guide professionals with the application of skills.

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