Testimonials - What People Are Saying

"On behalf of the entire Cincinnati Regional Sales Office Team, I want to compliment you on your Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace program. It has been many years since our team has overwhelmingly had a positive reaction to an onsite seminar. Your passionate delivery and sharing of personal experiences were appreciated by all participants. This week I have already noticed a more positive mood in our office. I expected to see some benefits down the road; not the week following the seminar. You are a top-notch instructor and motivator."

Philip R. Ponicsan,
Ford Motor Company,
Cincinnati, Ohio

Kevin, Thank you for providing on-site training to my staff. The evaluations from the training were overwhelmingly excellent. You were dynamic, inspirational, and provide information that is potentially life changing. You were able to impart information to us with humor and honesty that projected your sincerity and belief in these techniques. Your personal stories that illuminated your points were well received and entertaining. The training will most definitely assist my staff by changing the way they respond to difficult situations and being able to keep things in their proper perspective.

Katherine Dunphy, Director, Professional Relations
Empire Medicare Services
New York, NY

"Your message of the brevity of life, and how it's simply "just not worth it" to expend our limited energy on unproductive situations, and the how-to practical format in which you presented in was appreciated by all. we found you very personable, easy to relate to, and your use of humor relaxed the audience and opened them up to your points. I have noticed a more positive atmosphere around the hospital this week and people responding to potentially upsetting situations with greater wisdom and restraint.

Susan Erb, RN, BSN, Nursing Services Educator
Hanover Hospital
Hanover, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for leading your Self-Esteem workshop here. Your program was thoughtfully organized, presented in a quiet, non-judgmental manner. Your easy manner and warm persona was an inspiration to the participants of the program. We were also impressed by how you patiently spoke to individuals on a one-on-one basis, offering insight and help beyond the scope of the program. You seem to have a real gift for inspiring people to find their self-esteem."

Susan B. Lamphier, Administration,
City of Somerville, Massachusetts

"Your Stop Sweating, See the Splendor workshop helped me learn to focus on the positive and stop letting thoughts control me, and feelings of negativity and trying to be perfect all the time. It was an inspiration because it helped me want to look more into my life, where I am and where I want to go. Thank you again for an excellent job in helping me learn to let go of the small stuff that has been 'muddying the waters' of my life."

Jane Costa, Administration,
South Shore Physician-Hospital Administration
South Weymouth, MA

"Kevin's flexibility in program presentation and his ability to connect with participants show his understanding and comfort with the subject matter. Kevin gave participants many useful examples that staff will find beneficial in both their home and professional lives to resolve conflict and confrontation."

Judith Miller, Nursing Director
Washington County Hospital
Hagerstown, Maryland

As Human Resource Professionals, we understand that peace of mind and effectiveness go hand in hand. You provided us with many useable tools to overcome negative thinking and the human tendency to blow things out of proportion, which will serve our membership well. You have definitely found your niche in life.

Leah C. Berg, Executive Assistant
Human Resource Management Association
of Central Massachusetts

“Reducing stress in our lives is a constant battle. But this is definitely a great start!”

Tracy Epp, Program Director,
Teach for America,
McAllen, Texas

“Showed me how to let go and why it’s not worth it.”

Janice DesMarais,
Graco, Inc.,
Rogers, MN

“Gave me the energy and charge I need to go back and reclaim my life.”

Verna Robinzine,
Customer Service, 3M,
Chicago, Illinois

“It showed me I must be at peace with myself to accomplish positive things.”

Judy Heard,
Executive Secretary,
Biloxi Police Department,
Biloxi, Mississippi

“Gave me a wake-up call”

Lisa Beiswenger,
Department of Corrections,
Altoona, Pennsylvania

“He sure made me feel better about myself. I walked in dwelling on my worries and woes, but I walked out remembering all the wonderful people and things in my life for which I am grateful!”

Sue Bartholomew, RN,
St. Tammany Parish Hospital,
Folsom, Louisiana

“So rare that the workshop focused on what to do and how to do it. Theory is important, but knowing is not doing!”

Russ Kratzer,
Executive Director, non-profit agency,
Altoona, Pennsylvania

“I left feeling very satisfied and have found the information to be invaluable in both my work with my psychotherapy clients and in my own life."

Sharon Roseman, MSW,
Adult Therapist,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Reinforcement that I must change myself and my response to things- not try to change others over whom I have no control. Let it go.”

Diana Probasco,
Boulder, Colorado

“It’s rare for me to rate anyone an honest 10 in so many areas. I’ve been to a lot of seminars, this is the first time for me to be 100% satisfied. Thanks!”

Trish Shipley,
Manager, Minnesota Relay Service,
St. Paul, MN

“He’s a keeper! Enthusiastic, shares of himself, good humor; makes his points without being pompous or self-important!”

Joyce Brown, RN,
VA Medical Center,
Syracuse, NY

“A real eye-opener to refocus and reprioritize on what’s’ really important in life.”

Rhonda Crosson,
Medical Tech, Elite Healthcare,
Warner Robins, Georgia

“Kevin Stacey is the perfect speaker for this subject. He is a very compassionate and understanding person. He is energetic, knowledgeable, hits the nail on the head, and most importantly- he touched my heart.”

Barbara Tague,
Network Analysis, Bell South,
New Orleans, Louisiana