Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training for Peak Productivity

In order for stress management training to be effective, participants need to realize that workplace stress is their own internal reaction to external stressors. We all don’t react to the same thing the same way, and human reactions are always a choice. Why is it that two co-workers can be exposed to the exact same amount of pressure and stress, work for the same boss, have the same expectations and workload, and yet one person internalizes the stress and performance suffers while the other person doesn’t let it get to them? This stress management training seminar answers that question and provides concrete, how-to strategies that you can put to work right now, in your own workplace, to effectively manage workplace stress.  Seminar Outline...

What We Do, Our Approach:

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Stress Management Training for Success

Since stress originates in the thoughts we think, and whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy, this stress management training workshop teaches people how to focus on what they want to have happen rather than on what they fear will happen. A major contributor to self-created stress is rehearsing failure in our minds and dwelling on problems and an  inability to just stop thinking. Attendees learn what to do to mentally prepare themselves to bring their best to every situation and to unlock more of their resourcefulness, drive and potential. Go from stress to success in this step-by-step training seminar.  Seminar Outline...

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Individual coaching is available to assess and guide professionals with the application of skills.  

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