About Kevin Stacey

Kevin Stacey, MBA, is a productivity expert who teaches people how to eliminate self-created problems and distractions that impede success. He combines his military background, management training and experience as a healthcare clinician and successful manager at the nation’s largest managed-care company to bring experience, wisdom, perspective and humor to your organization. His programs provide concrete information and practical solutions for business problems. Kevin’s knowledge, experience, warm demeanor and sense of humor create a human connection with individuals that motivates them to make positive changes.

Kevin has a proven record of helping organizations enhance their environment and productivity. From IBM, The New York Times, Ford Motor Company, JP Morgan Chase, Pharmacia, Bayer, Goody Hair Care, United Technologies, Boeing, and Sara Lee, he has worked with the world’s best and brightest and studied the effects of self-created problems in organizations and individuals along with the most effective antidotes to combat it. His services help these and other clients achieve increased performance, sales, higher employee retention, greater job satisfaction, and improved service quality.

Kevin’s diverse life experiences and achievements include the following:

Professional Speaking

  • Conveyed his original principals on success to over 30,000 people in 45 states and 4 nations since 1999. 
  • Author of  Mental Toughness: manage the clutter to achieve success and peace of mind., which helps people use mental programming techniques to bring their goals into reality and choose their our own attitude regardless of circumstances. 
  • Contributing author to the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Stories" book . 
  • Member of the National Speakers Association, American Society for Training and Development  and Toastmaster’s International.


  • Earned an MBA with a concentration in healthcare administration.
  • Promoted to manager at the nation's largest managed-care company.
  • Managed teams of service professionals through the corporate integration following the multi-billion dollar merger of Aetna and U.S. Healthcare.
  • Developed creative methods to overcome workplace negativity and help the staff focus on work objectives.  


  • Enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves, 399th Combat Support Hospital, and served for 6 years.
  • Created and delivered to numerous Army reserve units an innovative soldier training method for military preparedness in a game show format, called the “Buzz Bowl.” 
  • Provided medical support for Operation Just Cause, (the U.S. invasion of Panama to remove General Manuel Norieaga), in December 1989 with the 399th Combat Support Hospital, US Army.
  • Earned an Army Commendation medal for providing medical support during Operation Starburst, Fort Hood Texas, July 1988. 


  • Worked for 5 years as a physician recruiter in the managed care industry. 
  • Conducted presentations to physicians and hospital administrators to explain the managed care concept and encourage network participation. 
  • Awarded the 1996 Recruiter of the Year Award at Aetna after achieving 105% territory network growth. 

Clinical Health Care

  • Earned a degree in radiologic technology and maintains a license as a radiographer R.T.(R).
  • Delivered hands-on care for patients in both military and civilian clinical healthcare settings.
  • Served as a staff radiology technologist for a 500-bed acute care facility
  • Operated mobile MRI units and performed exams for a network of over 10 hospitals.